What Is The Got Sole Marketplace?

An Online Sneaker Hub Where You Can Buy, Sell & Trade Your Sneakers + Clothes Everyday!


1000's of Members, No Transaction Fees, Legit Checks, Giveaways, Retail Releases & More!

What's Included with The Marketplace?

  • Free Giveaways

  • Middleman Services

  • Trusted Meetup Spots

  • Unlimited Networking

  • Buy/Sell/Trade with Thousands of People

  • No Transaction Fees

  • Free Legit Checks

  • Retail Releases

When and Where Is It?

The Got Sole Marketplace Is Open 24/7! Join Only At!

How Much Is It To Join?

The Marketplace Is Only $20 A Month!

How Do I Join?

  1. Wait For A Membership Restock - Get Notifications Here!

  2. Join The Marketplace Here!

  3. Buy/Sell/Trade Everyday!

Are There New & Used Items? All Sizes?

Yes! There Are Thousands of New and Used Deals to Choose From on Sneakers, Clothes & Accessories!