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Thank You!

Today was the day, and it all went down. With a thousand people in attendance, thousands of sneakers that came in and out, and hundreds of deals that were made. We brought out DJ Clark Kent as a host, had Concepts as our sponsor, brought huge names like The Vault, ShopTwo3, Tblake, Haifashun, Reupone, Kickbox, and many more. We raffled off Yeezy's, had giveaways, contests, and live performances. We even had 3 huge intense basketball tournaments, where the winner of each took home $100. Joey and I want to thank each and everyone of you, from the bottom of our hearts, because without you all, there would be no Boston Got Sole. It's apparent that you all had a great time today, which makes us so happy to hear. We accomplished our goal today, to bring together the New England Sneaker Culture, and throw a great event for everyone! So thank you so much everyone who came out or supported in any way, we appreciate you all so much! With all of this being said, please post ALL pictures that you have from the event, and share your experiences with us! We will be back very soon, and in full force, stay tuned! ‪#‎BostonGotSole‬